Adam Walker


About Coach Adam Walker.

Adam is a coach at CrossFit Buxton. He was first introduced to CrossFit whilst coaching at rugby league academies and has been studying CrossFit ever since. Adam is a lecturer in Sport and Health related studies, he is British Weightlifting Association certified and has completed the CrossFit training course. Alongside a strong nutrition background, Adam has an extended interest in biomechanics and acknowledges the importance of technique to improve performance in fitness. While currently in training for competitions, he is working with a number of local and university sports teams, including rugby, football and netball, and now aims to introduce CrossFit into the local community as both a sport and to help the general public reach their personal goals.

Adam's Skills


Lifting Heavy

A very strong guy, Adam doesn't miss many lifts. Power is his forte


Met Con

Its no secret that adams burpees have seen better days but he still doesn't quit



Writes the members diet plan then goes to the takeaway for Fish & Chips..


Physical Readiness

Physically able and ready to go... Just after a 45 minutes warm up session!